Council for Aboriginal Alcohol Program Services Inc

CAAPS Outreach workers service the small camps and communities of the Darwin-Palmerston region. Early intervention is the key.

Community Outreach Program

The CAAPS Community Outreach team works on the ground to reach some of our comunities' most vulnerable members. This includes individuals and families residing in town communities and camps within the Darwin and Palmerston areas who may not otherwise actively seek out engagment with service providers. The Outreach Team provides information on CAAPS services, conducts assessments for entry into the 12 week Rehabilitation Program and will provide referals to other services if required.

In addition the Outreach Team also makes regular visits to local hostels and crisis shelters to conduct assessments and provide brief interventions to interested individuals and thier families.

The CAAPS Outreach Team also has a Homelessness Outreach Support Worker whose role is to support homeless clients who are currently partcipating in the 12 Week Residential Program to access accomodation when they have completed the program. The worker also work with partcipants who are already accomodated under Territory Housing to sustain thier current tennancies. The Homelessness Outreach Support Worker also assists with community referrals in providing housing support and information. 


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