Council for Aboriginal Alcohol Program Services Inc

CAAPS Healthy Families Program has developed over 30 years and is about people and their families coming together to deal with their substance use issues in a safe and supportive place.

Healthy Families



CAAPS Healthy Families 12 Week Residential Program focuses on providing families with a safe and supportive environment to address substance use issues. The program is made up of a range of education sessions and activities that cover substance use, healthy lifestyles, livelihood, cultural sessions, and family relationships including the Triple P Parenting Program.

In addition to this, participants of the program have access to onsite counseling, specialist counseling, peer support groups, housing and livelihood support. Each client is also assigned a casemanager to help them work towards the goals that they have set during their stay at CAAPS, as well as supporting clients in accessing further supports in their communities upon completion of the program.

Clients also enjoy a variety of recreational activities during the three months in the program, which includes attendance at community events and family outings to many of Darwin's family friendly recreational parks.

Many families who have particpated in the Healthy Families Program believe it to be a great opportunity for the whole family to work together towards a better future away from substance use.

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Having a HaHaHaHaving a nurse
Having a Health Support Worker as part of the Healthy Families team at CAAPS means that participants of the program have onsite access to support for ssues incuding medication managment, wound care, chronic disease management and prevention as well as many other health related issues.

The CAAPS Health Support Worker ensures that all participants entering the program recieve a full health check through Danila Dilba Medical Services as well as providing appropriate referral to other allied health services such as disability support, mental health support and chronic health support services.

The CAAPS Health Support Worker also provides educational sessions as part of the Healthy Families Program aimed at providing information about chronic disease management such as Diabetes, while also facilitating other services providing information sessions that compliment the program.



Children who attend CAAPS with their parents participate in the CAAPS Indigenous Children's Program. As part of this participation the children's workers support parents in engaging school aged children with local schools, developing effective daily routines and increasing parental capacity.

The Indigenous Children's Program provides daily activities for children who are not of school age to develop school ready skills and routines, age appropriate protective behaviours as well as a range of fun activities. Each child that participates in the children's program has a milestone developmental assessment to identify any further support required. This process identifies any developmental issues that children may have and appropriate referrals can be initiated.

In addition to this, the Children's Program also runs a homework centre for school aged children and provides children with protective behaviours education as well as school holiday programs throught the year. The children's worker also provides support to parents who are in the process of child reunification through the Department of Children and Families.


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