Council for Aboriginal Alcohol Program Services Inc

CAAPS Volatile Substance Misuse (VSA) 16 week Residential Program program aims to assist youth between the ages of 12 to 24 years in treatment for volatile and other substance misuse and education towards healthy lifestyles.

Volatile Substance Misuse -VSA Program

The VSA program aims to assist in the treatment and recovery from volatile substance use through a range of activities. This includes VSA, Alcohol and other Drugs education, along with sessions that teach young people better ways of caring for themselves through health, hygiene and nutritional education. Young people also partcipate in numeracy and literacy education during their stay as well as recreational activities. All young people who enter the program are given a full health check through Danila Dilba Medical Services, and the CAAPS Health Support worker monitors clients to ensure health improves during their stay. Over time the program has built up a good record of completions and young people tend to stay for the full 16 weeks. Feedback from communities shows that people recognise that it is a place where their children can go and come back with a more positive outlook on life. CAAPS also ensures that all vehicles located on the grounds of the facility contain ‘non- sniffable’ OPAL low aromatic fuel or diesel in order to provide a safe environment for participants. For enquiries or referrals please call (08)8922 4852 or email .

Referral Information

CAAPS VSA program accepts referral to the VSA program directly from clients, their families and the community as well as from the Department of Health (DOH) under the Volatile Substance Abuse Prevention Act, and other referring agencies.

Agency referrals (for the exception of DOH) can be made by completing and returning the referral form (Please see document downloads).

Self, family and community referrals can be made by contacting CAAPS on (08)8922 4852 or (08)8922 4818.

Clients under the age of 16 years who will be attending the VSA program unaccompanied by their guardian will need the following forms completed by their legal guardian and returned to CAAPS prior to the client arriving to commence their program:

- General Medical Consent

- General Program Consent

- Consent to Care

For further enquiries please contact CAAPS staff on (08)8922 4852