About us

CAAPS is a community controlled Aboriginal Corporation that supports people and families through services that reflect our values of caring, openness, respect and empowerment.  Originally formed in 1984, CAAPS is now registered with ORIC and accredited under the Quality Improvement Council standards.


Excellence in the areas of social and emotional wellbeing and alcohol and other drug treatment.


CAAPS is a family and community orientated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community controlled organisation whose mission is to provide evidence based assistance to improve social and emotional wellbeing, while raising awareness and advocating for individual, family and community need.


The values at CAAPS are expressed in the following way:

  • CARING for clients, culture and community
  • OPENNESS honesty, accessibility, inclusiveness
  • RESPECT the rights and values of everyone
  • EMPOWERMENT of others to be the best they can


CAAPS proudly provides:

  • a residential AOD rehabilitation service, the Healthy Families Program,
  • Youth Services including an Intensive Assessment Program and a Substance Treatment Program,
  • a homelessness outreach service to the Darwin-Palmerston region,
  • Deadly Clever an education program for young people in Youth Service programs,
  • Strong Steps is a satellite counselling service in the Darwin rural area,
  • A Housing Accommodation Support Initiative (HASI) Worker in partnership with Anglicare NT – mental health in public housing support,
  • An Intensive Family and Parenting Support (IFPS) worker in partnership with Anglicare NT – intensive family support,
  • The Darrandirra Family Centre – Will be coming later this year


  • CAAPS has a long-term commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their families including the wider communities and recognises their diversity and uniqueness by responding to their needs, through differing models of intervention, and ensuring cultural competence of staff and cultural safety for clients.
  • CAAPS evidence based programs are underpinned by contemporary trauma informed-harm minimisation approaches offering client centred supports for individuals, their families and community.
  • CAAPS places a high priority on relationships across a broad range of community services, with an aim to include sharing resources and creating better outcomes for all clients, which focuses on individuals, their family and their community.
  • CAAPS support our staff to place priority on inclusive practice as our clients and their families have experienced emotional and spiritual harm, and seek to be empowered to support significant changes in their sense of wellbeing and their lives.

Strategic Plan 2020-2023

CAAPS works under a strategic plan which is driven by our board and community needs. You can access the plan here.