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CAAPS is very proud to have the support of corporate and government sponsors for our programs. We work hard to foster our professional relationships and have been able to sustain our programs at an operational level with funding from the Northern Territory and Commonwealth Government. In recent times CAAPS has also attracted the support of the business sector to enhance our work by creating educational opportunities for young people much broader than the reach of our previous programs with the capacity to bring lasting change.
The PM&C department provides our core funding under the Indigenous Advancement Strategy for the operation of all our Healthy Families programs. These programs include our 12 week AOD treatment program, Dolly Garinyi Hostel, our Children’s program for families with accompanying children and our onsite Health Worker and after hours life skills development programs.
Viva Energy Australia

Viva Energy Australia sponsorship provides us the opportunity for an onsite teacher in our Deadly Clever program. This innovative program targets disengaged youth with a history of substance use, and seeks to reengage them in learning by improving literacy and numeracy in a life skills context. The education program has been developed by CAAPS to wrap around the individual needs of young people participating in Youth Services.

NH PHN provides funding for the Strong Steps Counselling Service as an outreach into the Rural Area of Darwin. The pilot program will be evaluated to measure the impact of providing support to reduce harm from methamphetamine use in our community, and is delivered in collaboration with Amity Community Services. PHN have recently supported CAAPS with additional training in particular related to clinical supervision for managers.
NT Government
NT Gov provide operational funding for the Volatile Substance Use Program and the Homelessness Outreach Services. We are fortunate that additional grant opportunities for capital works allowed CAAPS to enhance our infrastructure and improve facilities for our clients and client support staff.