CAAPS Exceeds Expectations

CAAPS has achieved great heights at a time of funding uncertainty and reduced resourcing. Assessed against 18 national Quality Improvement Council standards we not only achieved accreditation as a health and community services provider but achieved an exceeded rating on two areas.

This remarkable achievement is down to the dedication of our Board and staff teams and was accomplished without additional staffing resources and ‘on top our day jobs’. QIP Assessors congratulated CAAPS stating it is very rare to receive one exceeded rating let alone two.

CAAPS received accolades for Building quality organisations for our inclusive approach to engaging staff, underpinned by organisational values, reward and recognition and our outstanding approach to developing staff and providing opportunities for Aboriginal staff in leadership, and …

Sustaining Quality external relationships for our strengths in collaborating with other organisations to ensure viability, incorporate good practice and contributing to the sector in capacity building initiatives.

CAAPS began a journey of self reflection two years ago which has brought us to the strong position we now enjoy as a quality community controlled rehabilitation service for families who suffer the impact of substance misuse. Situated in Berrimah CAAPS celebrated 30 years in 2014. The bush like setting on 5 acres accommodates up to 42 clients and supports entire families offering a wrap around service to adults, young people and accompanying children. Clients come from all over the Northern Territory with alcohol still the most common substance of choice. CAAPS also has a dedicated program for young people misusing volatile substances.

CAAPS is funded by the NT and Commonwealth Governments, currently maintaining 50% Aboriginal staffing and offers 24hour support to residents who stay at Dolly Garinyi Hostel.