About us

CAAPS is a family program so we have lots of women and children here, we do the best we can to keep CAAPS community (clients and staff) safe. To help keep everyone here safe, CAAPS has to check the Criminal history for anybody aged 16 or older that wants to come and stay at CAAPS.

Getting a Criminal History Check

CAAPS requires a copy of 100 points of your ID so we can lodge a Criminal History Check Application for you with Safe NT. Safe NT needs the ID to be in full colour, the front and the back of cards. Different types of ID are worth different points (see table). The ID must be current and valid. You can use different ones to make up your 100 points, but you must include at least one piece of photo ID, showing your photo, date of birth and full name. If you are not sure, you can call Safe NT on 1800 723 368, or CAAPS on 8922 4852.

Birth Certificate 70
Australian Passport 70
Australian Drivers Licence 40
Firearms Licence 40
Tertiary Student Card With Photo 40
Northern Territory Evidence of Age Card 40
Photo ID Issued By CICO / LNAC 40
Centrelink Card 40
Government Employee photo ID card 40
Statutory Declaration (no older than 3 months) 40
Medicare Card 25
Credit/Debit or Bank Card (1 per institution) 25

If you live away from Darwin

If you do not live in Darwin/Palmerston area we can do the assessment for you by phone. This means that CAAPS will need the ID before we can book an assessment. Without the ID your application would be stuck and it cannot be finished – we can’t tell you whether you can come and stay at CAAPS.

If you are referring yourself or family, if you go to your community clinic or council office they should be able to help you email this ID through to CAAPS. They can call us to ask how.

If you are working with another service (like Territory Families, Catholic Care, lawyer, counselling, AOD) they should be able to help you send what you need through to CAAPS.

If you live in Darwin/Palmerston

If you live close and you are coming in to CAAPS for your assessment – you will need to bring the ID with you.

If you have a lawyer (for crime, not family/children)

If you have been to criminal court or prison lately, your lawyer should be able to give CAAPS what we need for the Criminal History check. This means you might not need to give us a copy of your ID. If you talk to your lawyer (like NAAJA, NTLAC) and ask them to send your information to CAAPS they will probably know what to do. If they are stuck they can call CAAPS to check what we need once you have told them it is ok to talk to CAAPS.

If you have a Criminal History, don’t worry – this does not always mean that you cannot come to CAAPS. CAAPS just has to check what is on your history first. There are some charges that would mean you cannot come to CAAPS – we will let you know if there is a problem.