Diversity & Inclusion – SIW Australia 2021

Social Inclusion Week 2021

Connect, Collaborate & Celebrate!

20th – 28th November 2021 was Social Inclusion Week Australia (SIW).
Launching in 2009, SIW’s mission is to make *all* Australians feel included & valued.
This week is about encouraging inclusivity and connection. Both to community and to each other, for everybody, including marginalised groups.
SIW aims to reconnect networks to build and strengthen relationships, which then addresses the potential isolation and exclusion of marginalised people.

Diversity & Inclusion

CAAPS Diversity & Inclusion committee (partially pictured) held a Social Inclusion Week Australia (SIW) event on the evening of Wednesday 24th November with the aim to unite our diverse staff, residential clients and visiting professionals, while also having fun!
4 members of CAAPS Diversity and inclusion committee in CAAPS community kitchen
The afternoon started with dancing and games, plus a client Art Exhibition & competition – with some amazing entries from all ages!
The group then moved outside where white t-shirts were handed out for a Holi – inspired colour splash, involving homemade bright colourful powders and buckets of coloured water. At the end of a very intense game of volley ball, CAAPS clients triumphed over our staff.
After all the activity, everyone was grateful for the multicultural feast which followed. The committee and staff provided a variety of food ranging from BBQ’d snags to curry, fried rice and vermicelli, finished off with scones and baklava!
Bowls of colour powder

Thanks again to CAAPS Diversity & Inclusion committee for all the efforts to run this event.

The committee and related framework was developed to demonstrate CAAPS’ commitment to diversity and inclusion, and to guide the way we work.
The framework sets out a range of principles and strategies to develop safe and inclusive environments across all diversity factors, including cultural, indigenous, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical and intellectual disability, age, socio-economic status and religious/spiritual beliefs.
This means that all clients, regardless of who they are and where they come from, will receive services tailored to their needs, and that employees at all levels of the organisation will be able to work in an environment that is respectful and inclusive.
The framework is applied to all aspects of CAAPS service delivery, including policies, procedures and practice, and informs other key areas.