Our Governance is strong because Aboriginal people are in control of the Governance and have done so from our inception. Our Directors, elected by our Members, maintain a strong commitment to good governance working together and closely with our CEO and other senior management team members to benefit Aboriginal people who access CAAPS services. We strive for a balance between male and female members.

Membership of the CAAPS Corporation is open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander persons who are residents of the Northern Territory and openly accepted by their family and community as maintaining a culturally responsible and sober lifestyle provided they adhere to the policies, procedures and work practices of CAAPS.

Members are invited to attend CAAPS Annual General Meetings and cast a vote on important matters such as the election of CAAPS Directors and any changes to the CAAPS Rule Book which is registered under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006. Members are also encouraged to get involved with events and activities throughout the year and contribute to the work of CAAPS by supporting our Cultural Safety Framework.

Associate Membership of the CAAPS Corporation shall be open to individuals who are not Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander persons provided that they are residents of the Northern Territory, maintain a sober lifestyle and are accepted by Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders as sensitive to and supportive to their cultural identity and agree to adhere to the policies, procedures and work practices of CAAPS. Associate members are also invited to attend meetings and events to support the important work of CAAPS as volunteers and subject matter advisors, but they do not have voting rights at Annual or Special General meetings.

All applications for membership shall be considered in accordance with the Rule Book. Such application shall be submitted in writing to the Board using the relevant Membership application form.

The Board will decide, at its sole discretion, the individuals who will be granted and who will retain membership to the Corporation in accordance with the Rule Book.