Alcohol & Other Drugs Residential Treatment

CAAPS AOD 12 Week Residential Program focuses on providing individuals and families with a safe and supportive environment to address substance use issues. The Healthy Families program is made up of a range of education sessions and activities that cover substance use, healthy lifestyles, livelihood, cultural sessions, trauma and healing, and family relationships including parenting. In addition to this, participants of the program have access to onsite counselling, specialist counselling, peer support groups, housing and livelihood support.

Each client is assigned a case manager to help them work towards the goals that they have set during their stay at CAAPS, as well as supporting clients in accessing further supports in their communities upon completion of the program. Clients also enjoy a variety of recreational activities during the three months in the program, which includes attendance at community events and family outings to many of Darwin’s recreational parks. Many families who have participated in the Healthy Families Program believe it to be a great opportunity for the whole family to work together towards a better future away from substance use. For enquiries or referrals please call (08)8922 4852 or email [email protected] .

To Apply To Come To CAAPS AOD

If you want to come to CAAPS, you will be asked to attend an assessment appointment. Depending on your personal circumstances you may be asked to attend in person. If you can’t attend in person you can start this process by phone.

All clients over 16 years of age will need to provide proof of identity. To be eligible for the Alcohol and Other Drugs Residential Treatment program you will need to be 18 years or over and experiencing issues with alcohol and other drug use. You can attend with a family member, supportive other person, and your children. You can complete the online referral form to start the process

Click here to download the AOD Brochure.

What Does CAAPS Look Like?

​At CAAPS we have small accommodation units in a semi- bush setting on 5 acres of land. The units have their own bathroom, kitchen facilities, and verandah to relax. We have lawns and garden areas that include a children’s playground, barbeque areas, a fire pit, community kitchen, basketball, and common areas with TVs. Residential clients have access to shared laundry facilities and a recreation/ music room.

Health Support

Having a Health Support Worker as part of the Healthy Families team at CAAPS means that participants of the program have onsite access to support for issues including medication management, wound care, chronic disease management and prevention as well as many other health-related issues.

The CAAPS Health Support Worker ensures that all participants entering the program receive a full health check through Danila Dilba Medical Services as well as providing an appropriate referral to other allied health services such as disability support, mental health support, and chronic health support services.

The CAAPS Health Support Worker also provides educational sessions as part of the Healthy Families Program aimed at providing information about chronic disease management such as Diabetes, while also facilitating other services in providing information sessions to complement the CAAPS program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it cost me anything to stay at CAAPS?

Yes, there is a charge for board and this information can be provided to you when you contact our Intake Worker. You will be provided with food to prepare your own meals while you are here.

How do I get there?

You need to arrange your own transport to CAAPS but our intake worker can advise you of support services to help with travel arrangements.

Will have my own room?

If you attend as a single person you may be sharing a room with another person of the same gender. If you are part of a couple or a family you will be provided your own accommodation. All rooms in the AOD program have a kitchen and ensuite bathroom. You will be expected to keep your room clean and tidy.

How long will it take to come in?

We need to have all supporting documents and assessments complete including criminal history checks in order to give you an entry date. This can also depend on our current waitlist. The Intake Worker can provide more information when you speak with them.

How long will I be there?

The AOD program is a 12-week treatment program.

Can I have visitors?

Yes, details on visiting hours and other arrangements can be provided by the Intake Worker.

Who will look after my children when I am in CAAPS?

There is a Children’s Worker and a Children’s Program. If your children are school-aged, they will be supported to attend a local school. If they are toddlers, the Children’s Worker will care for them when you are in the program. Babies remain with their mothers at all times.

I need support with some legal matters that I am very worried about? Who will help me if I am away from my community?

Your Case Worker in CAAPS will assist you in communicating with those people you need to contact, whether it is Territory Families, Corrections, your Lawyer, the Court, or others.

Does staying at CAAPS require a criminal history check? What’s the process?

CAAPS requires a criminal history check for anyone staying with us over the age of 16. To find out more information about this, click here.

How do I get to my appointments?

There is a Transport Officer who takes clients to important scheduled appointments

How will I get my medication?

The Health Worker will assist you in organising your new or regular medication from a local pharmacy. All medication will be carefully stored by the Health Worker while you are at CAAPS. You can take your medication as prescribed.

If I am sick while I am in CAAPS, will I be allowed to go to the hospital?

Yes. All health needs are considered very important during your stay.

Where do I go to see the Doctor?

Generally, CAAPS clients see the Doctor at Danila Dilba, but sometimes clients request another health provider, and we will support them to attend. If you have a regular Doctor in the area that you see, we can arrange for follow-up.

Can I see the Dentist?

Yes- all clients are taken to the Dentist if they have pain or require treatment. We go to the Oral Health Service in Casuarina.