Children’s Program

Children who attend CAAPS with their parents participate in the CAAPS Children’s Program. As part of this participation, the Children’s Worker supports parents in engaging school-aged children with local schools, developing effective daily routines, and increasing parental capacity. The Children’s Program provides daily activities for children who are not of school age to develop school readiness skills and routines, age-appropriate protective behaviours, meet nutritional requirements, as well as a range of fun activities.

Each child that participates in the children’s program has a milestone developmental assessment to identify any further support required. This process identifies any developmental issues that children may have and appropriate referrals can be initiated. In addition to this, the Children’s Program also runs a homework centre for school-aged children and provides older children with protective behaviours education as well as school holiday programs throughout the year. The Children’s Worker also provides support to parents who are in the process of child and family reunification processes through involvement with external family support services.

Frequently Asked Questions

My children don’t like to be cared for by strangers- how can I support them through this?

Our friendly Children’s Worker will spend time with you and your children getting to know you and helping the children get to know CAAPS. You will be on CAAPS site with your children, so they can always see you if they are upset.

My kids get bored- what will they do there?

There are many planned, fun activities for children in CAAPS. There is a large playground and lots of space to run around. All the staff in CAAPS are very friendly and while it is your responsibility to care for your children, the staff are here to assist you.

My child has special needs- can they come with me?

CAAPS has supported many children and young people who have special requirements, including hearing problems, Spectrum Disorders, individual school requirements, and a lot more.