Homelessness Outreach Support Program

The CAAPS Homelessness Outreach Support (HOS) Program supports those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless and their families. The primary objective is to assist clients to access mainstream agencies to secure or maintain stable accommodation. Another key focus of the work is the positive engagement during outreach with those who are homeless in Darwin and Palmerston. This face-to-face opportunity through our HOS Workers provides a link to a network of support services.

Through the development of working partnerships with local services, there is a continuously improving pathway for vulnerable people in the community. Responding to their needs in a culturally responsive manner leads to improved outcomes and better solutions.

This is enhanced by CAAPS participation in the interagency Homelessness Response Group providing support for complex cases.

The team also raise awareness in the community by participating in events and develop collaborative approaches to supporting the homeless. The Homelessness Outreach Support team works alongside clients currently participating in the 12 Week AOD Residential Program, in preparation for accessing accommodation when they have completed the program. They also support participants who are accommodated under Territory Housing to sustain their current tenancies.

Frequently Asked Questions HOS

When I finish my AOD Program, can they get me a house?

The HOS workers can support you to make the necessary applications and advocate on your behalf while you are completing the program. There is no guarantee that you will be offered a house at the end of your program, but you will have completed many steps in that direction. It is likely that you will have secured a short-term accommodation option at a minimum.

Do I have to be a CAAPS client to get support from HOS?

No. HOS workers support many people, including those who long grass in and around the city.

I have just moved into my new house, and I am having problems getting my children to school. What should I do?

HOS workers can continue to support clients in the short term, settle into new accommodation, enroll their children in school, and adjust to a new routine.