Deadly Clever

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The Deadly Clever program is part of the therapeutic VSU program which supports young people to address their substance use and develop positive life skills.

Research shows us that better numeracy and literacy skills can improve a young persons outcomes in life in many areas. The Deadly Clever program supports young people participating in the CAAPS 16-week VSU program to improve numeracy and literacy skills that will make a positive difference in their lives (For example better understanding how to manage money, better understanding of how to fill in forms).

The program also encourages young people to look into further study or reconnect with school.

Young people entering the program will have individual assessment to identify their personal development needs and create a support plan that will assist them to meet their development goals.

This program is sponsored by VIVA Energy Australia.


How do I apply for the program?

You will need to apply for the VSU program which will require you to have an assessment (please see (add VSU page link)

Do I need to stay at CAAPS to be part of the program?

You do not need to be a residential client to access the program, you can apply to attend the program as a day client.

How much does it cost?

The Deadly Clever program is free.

How old do you need to be?

12 to 24 years

Viva Energy

Viva Energy and CAAPS have a three-year $300,000 partnership supports the CAAPS Volatile Substance Misuse Program. The funds have been used to develop, establish and deliver a program that aims to improve the literacy and numeracy skills of young people in the Darwin-based residential treatment unit.  Without this funding we would  be unable to support the education of our young clients.