Deadly Clever

The Deadly Clever program is part of the therapeutic Youth Services programs which supports young people to address their substance use and develop positive life skills.

Research shows us that better numeracy and literacy skills can improve a young person’s outcomes in life in many areas. The Deadly Clever program supports young people participating in the CAAPS IAP/STP to improve numeracy and literacy skills that will make a positive difference in their lives (For example better understanding how to manage money, better understanding of how to fill in forms).

The program also encourages young people to look into further study or reconnect with school.

Young people entering the program will have an individual assessment to identify their literacy and numeracy development needs and a support plan will be created that will assist them to meet their development goals.

Viva Energy

Viva Energy Australia provided funding to CAAPS over a three-year period to allow the development, implementation, and evaluation of this program. We gratefully acknowledge their contribution.