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CAAPS Aboriginal Corporation delivers a range of important community services to people and their families in the Northern Territory.

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Family Support Services Funding

Family Support Services Funding

We are thrilled to announce that we are one of the organisations receiving funding from the Australian and Northern Territory Governments to deliver Family Support Services (FSS) to Northern Territory families, CAAPS will be delivering this in partnership with...

Our Darrandirra team attended the “No More Violence” breakfast

Our Darrandirra team attended the “No More Violence” breakfast

On Thursday, November 25th, CAAPS Darrandirra team attended the “No More Violence” breakfast. We heard many brave guest speakers share their stories and raise community awareness by standing together and saying “No More” to any kind of violence within our community....

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Strategic Plan 2020-2023

Our Strategic Plan outlines our Key Results Areas, our strategies for each Area, and what our Priority Actions are for each Area. giving you a clear understanding of what we’re working on and what we want to achieve in each Area

See the full 2020-2023 Strategic Plan document here